Dr Boogie

Dr Boogie, la playlist du lundi 2 janvier 2023

Dr Boogie

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Temps de lecture
Par Walter De Paduwa

Retrouvez tout l'univers musical de Walter De Paduwa le lundi de 21h à minuit sur Classic 21 !



Canned Heat

Boogie Music

The Phantom Blues Band

I Take What I Want

Mike Guldin

She Caught The Katy

Sonny Landreth


Hector Anchodo

I M Going To Missouri

Steven Troch Band

So Much To Do

Raphael Wressing / Alex Schultz

Casio Slim


Herb Hardestry

Chicken Twist

Hurrican Ruth

Barrelhouse Joe's

Hurrican Ruth / Jimmy Hall

As The Tears Go Passing By

Sue Foley

Stop These Teardrops

Mighty Mike Shermer

She Won T Coming Back

The Sully Band / Rebecca Jade

When The Battle Is Over


Jim Pulte

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Jackie Lomax

The Rabbitt And The Gun

The Rhinestones

Ridin Thumb

The Fabulous Rhinestones

Nothing New

Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Hate To See You Go

John Hammond

Traveling Riverside Blues

Charley Musselwhite

Early In The Morning

Harvey Mandel

Ode To The Owl

Siegel - Schwall Band

Shake For Me

J.Geils Blues Band

Black Night


Hound Dog Taylor

Down Home Special

Muddy Waters

Honey Bee

Fred Below

Route 66

C.Musselwhite / Freddie Roulette

The Wolf

Freddie Roulette

I Need Your Loving

Earl Hooker / Freddie Roulette

You Don T Want Me

Freddie Roulette


Psychedelic Guitar Circus / F.Roul

Jumpin At Shadows

Benoit Blue Boy / Freddie Roulette

Dimanche A Saint Ouen

C. Musselwhite / Freddie Roulette

Done Somebody Wrong

Freddie Roulette / Willie Kent

Back In Chicago

Hound Dog Taylor

Hound Dog

Hound Dog Taylor

Watch Out

The Vice Roys

Buzz Bomb

The Virtues

Guitar Shuffle 65

The Trashmen

Bad News

The String A Longs

Mina Bird

Jerry Mc Neish


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