Dr Boogie

Dr Boogie, la playlist du lundi 24 janvier 2022

Par Walter De Paduwa via

Retrouvez tout l'univers musical de Walter De Paduwa le lundi de 21h à minuit sur Classic 21 !



Canned Heat

Turpentine Moan

Dana Gillespie

Back In The Day

Tiffany Pollack

Do It Yourself

Lindsey Beaver

See You Again

Veronica Lewis

Memphis Train

Veronica Lewis

Put Your Wig On Mama

Veronica Lewis

Whoo Wee Sweet Daddy


Big Foot Chester

Monkey Dog

The Come Ons

Watcha Got ?

The Detroit Cobras

Cha Cha Twist

The Detroit Cobras

Hittin On Nothing

The Detroit Cobras

Curly Haired Baby

The Detroit Cobras

Hey Sailor

The Detroit Cobras

Find Me A Home

The Detroit Cobras

Ya Ya Ya

The T. Birds / Rachel Nagy

Love Speaks Louder Than W


The Kentucky Headhunters

Heart And Soul

Jimmie Bratcher

Bacon Is On My Mind

Frank Goldwasser

Sweet Little Black Spider

Mel Melton & The Wicked Mojo's

Ils Sont Partis

Robert Finley

Honey Let Me Stay The Night


The Forgiver & The Runaway

Colin Linden

4 Cars

Harrison Kennedy

Walkin Or Ridin

Randy Mc Allister

The Chicken You Re Fixin

David Rotundo

Good Thing

The Mc Kee Brothers



Billy Jack Wills

Twin Guitar Special

Billy Jack Wills

Lonesome Hearted Blues

Billy Jack Wills

Blue Guitar Stomp

Billy Jack Wills

Woodchopper S Ball

Billy Jack Wills

C Jam Blues


The Blues Rockers

Calling All Cows

Bobo Jenkins

Nothing But Love

Dusty Brown

Well You Know

John Littlejohn & Carey Bell

Bloody Tears

The Crawford Bros

I Ain T Guilty

Charlie Jester & The Team Mates

Crazy Baby

James Cotton / Butterfield/ Arnold

Three Harp Boogie

Pigmeat Peterson

Loud Mouth Lucy

Piano Red

Blues Blues

Koko Taylor

Got What It Takes

Willie Dixon

I Can T Quit You Baby

Carey Bell

I Cry So Much

Lonesome Sundown

I M A Mojo Man

Alex Bradford / Chris Barber

Can T Trust Nobody

The Stevens Singers

When The Saints Go Marchin




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