Dr Boogie

Dr Boogie, la playlist du lundi 25 avril 2022

Temps de lecture
Par Walter De Paduwa

Retrouvez tout l'univers musical de Walter De Paduwa le lundi de 21h à minuit sur Classic 21 !



Canned Heat

A Road Song

The Upsetters

Wake Up

Little Richard


Little Richard

Function At The Junction

Little Richard

Land Of A 1000 Dances

Marie Knight

I Tought I Told You Not To Tell Him

Flash Terry

Cool It

King Coleman

Loo Key Doo Key

Rudy Green

Oh Baby

Howie Casey & The Seniors

Twist At The Top


Elizabeth Mitchell

Hey Bo Diddley

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

I Swear

Mari Wilson

Telephone Man

Sue Foley

Bad Luck Woman

Holly Golightly

Big Boss Man

The Moaners

Elizabeth Cotten's Song

Michelle Shoked


Marshall Chapman

Betty Bein Bad


The Flamin Groovies

Dr Boogie

Jesse Dayton

White Freightliner Blues

King Khna & The Shrivers

Don T Walk Away Mad

The Bell Rays

So Hard

The Monsters

Teenage Werewolf

Jake La Botz

Shaken And Taken


Sittin At Home Alone

High Jinx Delegation

Back To Your Mama

The Godfathers

Walkin Talkin J.Cash Blues

The Black Lips

Hooker Jon

Nine Pound Hammer

Two Legged Dope

The Morlocks

Bothering Me


Blaze Fury

Gower Guitar Man

Tom Brow & The Tom Tom S



Tommy Scott & The Ramblers

Cats And Dogs

Dick Marshall & The Nighthawks

The Hawk

Kenny Biggs

It Wasn T Easy


Carolina Slim

Wine Headed Woman

Sonny Terry & Brownine Mc Ghee

Better Day

Sticks Mc Ghee

House Warmin Boogie

Washboard Sam

Minding My Own Business

Howlin Wolf

I M Not Joking

Robert Nighthawk

Goin Down To Eli's

Mickey Baker


Johnny Fuller / Philipp Walker Ban

Mercy Mercy

The Legendary Blues Band

Hush Hush

Jimmy Reed

Crazy Bout Oklahoma

Little Willie Littlefield

Love Me Tonight

Long John Hunter

Ride With Me Baby

Denny King

Bessie Mae

The 5 Scamps

Chicken Shack Boogie

Charlie Sayles

New York - St Louis


Keep Your Hands Off Her

Sister Enrestine Washington

Where Could I Go

Koko Taylor

I M Looking For A Man

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