Dr Boogie

Dr Boogie, la playlist du lundi 7 mars 2022

Par Walter De Paduwa via

Retrouvez tout l'univers musical de Walter De Paduwa le lundi de 21h à minuit sur Classic 21 !



Canned Heat

John Lee Hooker Boogie

Lil George & The Shufflin Hungarians

Y'll Learned To Rock

A.J. Croce

Which Way Steinway

Charley Musselwhite

Miss Bessie

Twist Turner

Listen To The Blues

The Slamhound Hunters



Mud Boy & The Neutrons

Bo Diddley

Hasil Adkins

Tell Me Baby

Hasil Adkins

Walk And Talk With Me

Terry Stamp

Mondo Jumping

Terry Stamp

Rock Candy

Terry Stamp

Black Guitar

Terry Stamp

Brushin With The Law

King Uszniewicz & The Uszniewisztone

Little Latin Lupe Lu


Lou Reed

Video Violence

Ian Hunter

Once Bitten Twice Shy

London Cowboys

Hooked Line & Sinker

Kevin Ayers

Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes

Jonathan Richman & Modern Lov

Back In The Usa

Reggie Knighton

Every Night

Blake Xolton

Powder Puff

Tav Falco

Ditch Diggin

Willie Loco Alexander

Taxi-Stand Diane

Iggy Pop

Louie Louie

Velevet Underground

Rock And Roll

Alan Vega

Video Babe

New York Dolls

Stranded In The Jungle

Sylvain Sylvain

14th Street Beat

Johnny Thunders / S. Marriott

Daddy Rolling Stone

Jim Carroll

It S Too Late


Dave Alexander

Blue Tumbleweed

Fred Mc Dowell

Levee Camp Blues

John Delafosse

Oh Negress


Used And Abused

David Honeyboy Edwards

Swwet Home Chicago

Lightning Hopkins

I Mean Goodbye

Billy Boy Arnold


George Hca Smith

Loose Screws

George Hca Smith / Pete Lewis

Times Won T Be Hard

Icky Renrut

Ho Ho

Jimmy Dawkins

Jamming Guitar

Lazy Lester

I M A Man

Smokey Wilson

88th Street Blues

James Cotton

Oh Baby

Bukka White

Alabama Blues

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